Monday, May 23, 2011

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20" x 20" x .75"
Oil on Canvas

So, shame on me. As I was going through my fruit selection the other day, looking for that one perfect, beautiful apple that would be to appear in my next still life debut, I kept pulling out all the apples that had bruises on them, or appeared lopsided. Apple after apple had something of lower standards in my opinion and didn't seem to be worthy of appearing in my next painting. And as I reached the bottom of my fridge drawer, I found it. That apple; perfect color, beautiful shape. Awsome. And as I was loading my drawer back up with the imperfect apples, I actually started to feel a little guilty. Who am I to say who's perfect and who isn't? Aren't we all a little bruised? Maybe a little rotten? Wrinkly? Possibly all three? So I thought, even though it might be a little harder to sell, why not? Give those bruised, rotten, wrinkley pieces of fruit a chance to shine.... So in the midst of a haze of fruitflies and Josh Groban and much coffee, they appeared on my next canvas. Beautiful, bruised and smelly. Just the way they are.......
The Misfits

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